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Where to find RESTAURANT PARKING LOT TENTING 30 x70 in Chicago

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Where to find RESTAURANT PARKING LOT TENTING 30 x70 in Chicago Where to find RESTAURANT PARKING LOT TENTING 30 x70 in Chicago

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  • House of Rental can install tented dining facilities in outdoor restaurant spaces. Restaurant dining Tenting option can seat 72 to 108 people. They can be equipped with walls, lighting, flooring & tables and chairs.
  • Beyond spacing out tables, take advantage of outdoor space if you have it available. We re lucky in the sense that this outbreak is happening while we have milder weather, and people will feel more comfortable in an open air environment. So while it s early in the season, open up seating in the parking lot. 2-20x30 frame tents & 30x30 open area in the middle.
  • To the extent that you can, create spaces where people can feel safer because there s airflow and they re not confined in a space with no windows or open windows.
  • Outdoor seasonal tenting will allow for more space for 6' social distancing.
  • fully sanitize tables, menus and chairs after each reservation. Not only does this maintain cleanliness, but it will provide comfort to other diners in the restaurant who witness it.
  • Continue to clearly communicate your plan of action to both customers and employees. Reassure them that as long as it s safe and comfortable to do so, you ll remain open but with heightened hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  • "It s important to remember that in times of disaster, restaurants have always served as a gathering place for the community," he stressed. " It s up to us as restaurant operators to create a welcoming, comforting environment when people are feeling concerned."
  • We are anticipating a need for towns/municipalities to change their local laws so that restaurants can operate outside of the confines of their brick and mortar space (for those who are not permitted).
  • Restaurants and bars with outdoor spaces will have the greatest chance of surviving a coronavirus downturn this year. That includes working with the town to amend certain by-laws and have an open dialog with local leadership. Preparation is key when establishing social distancing measures. Do not wait. Call today & explore your patio tenting options.
  • Use stanchions and crowd control barricaded To avoid touching other people, keeping social distancing at a 6' distance. "Social distancing can be effective, but restaurant management needs to consider how it applies to both the front of the house where patrons are, and the back of the house where the staff is likely to be together for eight or ten hours,"
  • Suggestions Include:
  • Upfront, consider seating every other table, taking less reservations and upping to go options so patrons can eat at home. Certain jurisdictions like Chicago are requiring seating only 50 percent of capacity.
  • Family meals should be to go or served buffet style -foregoing everyone sitting around one table.
  • "It bears reminding that we continue to hear about very complicated situations where managers worked sick and attended meetings, employees self-quarantined after very casual exposure to someone who hadn t tested positive (or had) and many had difficulty finding testing for sick employees. These are all things that are out of our control, but social distancing is something that can be controlled in many circumstances and will help curb transmission."
  • Restaurant Preparation to Minimize COVID-19 Disease Risk and What You Need to Do Now. The patrons and restaurant operators need to be smart and safe so this current health crisis doesn't become a long-term economic one.
  • "Restaurants that are 70 percent-filled look empty and if they go to 50 percent, it will be horrible." (Limiting seating capacity to 50 percent is in compliance with Illinois State s COVID-19 public gathering mandate.)
  • Many restaurants already have stringent cleaning practices in place making them a safer environment than, for example, the car service that dropped them off.
  • "You're in a social setting everywhere." "Be smart about choices."
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* Please call us with any questions you may have about our restaurant parking lot tenting 30 foot x70 foot rentals in Skokie and the Chicago area