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Key: 064-2060#02
Manufacturer: MUCK TRUCK
Sale Price: $2,295.00
  • Muck Truck, Max Truck, Buggy
  • Product Dimensions 54 x 44 x 30 inches
  • Item Weight 390 pounds
  • Muck Truck GXV saves your back and works smarter with the original 4-wheel motorized wheelbarrow
  • Driven by a Honda commercial grade 5.5 horsepower GXV 160-gas engine
  • Contains a Tecumseh Peerless MST200 transmission with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears
  • Ideal for carrying loads on slopes or awkward areas not accessible by normal wheelbarrows
  • Made in USA; CARB compliant
  • This 4 wheel drive machine has proven to be a favorite for applications in a variety of environments. At 28-inches wide, and 61-inches long, it maneuvers easily around corners and narrow areas. The Muck-Truck is light on its wheels. It won't damage your lawn. Optional accessories: Flatbed attachment, tow hitch attachment, snow plow attachment, bucket extension attachment, and vacuum attachment are all great additions to your Muck-Truck. The Muck-Truck is built for commercial use and can handle the day to day pounding of construction and landscape trade. Features heavy gauge steel, an AWD Honda commercial grade engine, and a fully sealed 4 speed Tecumseh Peerless transmission. Efficiency you can rely on - many will find our machine can do the equivalent labor of 8 traditional wheelbarrows.
  • FAQ: 1. How easy is it to steer a loaded Muck-Truck? It is as easy to steer fully loaded as it is to steer when it's empty.
  • 2. How do I tip a loaded Muck-Truck? Release the skip release lever with the right hand and slightly raise both handles. The bucket will pivot and dump the load.
  • 3. When tipped, does the front of a loaded Muck-Truck hit the ground? No. The bucket tips over the center so there's a good clearance for your load to tip cleanly out of the bucket.
  • 4. How much will the machine carry? The 6 cu ft skip/bucket will carry 2-1/2 wheelbarrow loads.
  • 5. Can I tip into the bucket with my standard sized cement mixer? Yes, provided it is fitted onto a frame.
  • 6. How easy is it to maintain or service? Every component part is readily available. The transmission is a sealed unit and only requires periodic brake adjustment. All engine adjustments are readily accessible without removing covers. To change the drive belt takes less than 5 minutes with no special tools required.
  • 7. How quickly can attachments be fitted? In seconds. Just remove one lynch pin, slide attachment off/on two locator brackets. 8. What gradient will a fully loaded Muck-Truck climb? Up to 30-degrees.
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