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Where to find PIPE THAWING MACHINE, 115volt in Chicago

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Manufacturer: GENERAL WIRE

Model: HOT SHOT 300

Daily: $94.50

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Additional Information

  • Frozen pipe thawer. Saves time and money by eliminating the need to tear up floor, break through walls and digging up pipes in frozen ground. No need for hazardous blow torches. Simply attach the pipe clamps and plug it in to unfreeze pipes in minutes. Thaws 1-1/2" diameter lines up to 100' long. Offers thermal overload protection and circuit breakers. 115V. Includes two (2) 10' #2 cables and clamps.
  • 70 lbs
  • 300 amp
  • Operating Instructions
  • 1. Isolate the frozen section of pipe.
  • Inside a house, this is done by opening faucets and
  • back tracking the pipes. The frozen section will usually
  • be in the outside walls, near doors, windows and in crawl spaces under floors. If all the water outlets in the house fail to operate, the line from
  • the curb valve to the house is frozen.
  • 2. House service pipes usually have to be thawed by connecting
  • one cable to the exposed pipe in the kitchen or basement and
  • other cable to the curb service. At the curb, make the connection
  • to the valve at the bottom of the service riser, using the curb key.
  • Do not connect the cable to the adjustable ground level cover as it is a poor
  • connection to the valve.
  • 3. Connect the cables on either side of the frozen section so that they complete an electric circuit. The cable clamps must be at least 10 ft. apart.
  • Caution: The cables get hot!
  • Keep them clear of rugs and finished floors that can be damaged by heat.
  • 4.Good connections are required. Clean all pipes before
  • connecting the cables. Make both pipe connections before plugging
  • unit into receptacle. Make sure all connections are tight
  • to prevent arcing at the clamps. Loose connections also get hot and reduce
  • current flow.
  • Caution: Uncoil the cables.
  • Do not leave any cable coiled up or placed on steel objects as the heating in the pipe will be reduced.
  • 5.If a good connection is made, the pipe and cables will vibrate with a 60 cycle hum that you can feel with your hand. After all connections
  • are made and the unit is plugged in, switch the
  • circuit breaker on.
  • Some Common Problems
  • 1.Cables stay cold. Pipe does not thaw.
  • Do you have power? Check fuses.
  • Is the circuit breaker switched on?
  • Do you have a good connection?
  • Are the pipes clean at the connection?
  • Are both clamps on the same pipe?
  • Has the thermal protector tripped?
  • Is there a rubber coupling in the line?
  • Is there plastic pipe in the line?
  • Has the ice pushed the joints apart?
  • 2. Cables get warm. Pipe does not thaw.
  • Are clamps on pipe, not on curb cover?
  • Are the pipes clean under the clamps?
  • Are cables sized properly? (Larger cables
  • must use larger wire size.)
  • 3.Cables get hot. Pipe does not thaw.
  • Is there water pressure in pipe?
  • Is the source of water pressure frozen?
  • Is source water pump operating?
  • Do the clamps cover all of frozen area?
  • Can the current go more than one way
  • from clamp to clamp?
  • Thawing Times
  • The times in the below chart are approximate and
  • under ideal conditions. Actual times will vary depending
  • upon type of pipe, diameter, gauge, and length of cable, etc.
  • Note: Since copper pipe will not heat up as fast as
  • iron pipe, allow about a 30 percent longer thawing time.
  • Note: Longer cables must also be a larger gauge.
  • If smaller diameter cables are used, current will
  • be reduced.
  • 325 AMP Output
  • Thawing Time
  • Pipe Length
  • Iron Pipe
  • Copper Pipe
  • 20 ft.
  • 9 minutes
  • 12 minutes
  • 40 ft.
  • 12 minutes
  • 16 minutes
  • 50 ft.
  • 14 minutes
  • 19 minutes
  • 60 ft.
  • 17 minutes
  • 23 minutes
  • 80 ft.
  • 24 minutes
  • 32 minutes
  • 100 ft.
  • 30 minutes
  • 40 minutes
Prices subject to change without notice.

* Please call us with any questions you may have about our pipe thawing machine 115volt rentals in Skokie, Glenview, Wheeling, and the Chicago area